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Macintosh IconThis section of our guide will focus on the latest news related to mac friendly casinos and gambling venues, as well as Mac products. From Apple and Mac product announcements and updates to casino game releases and bonus offers, we are committed to keeping you informed to all things related to Mac friendly online casino gambling. Since it is safe to assume that most of our visitors will be Mac users and Apple fans in general, we will include articles about hardware and software updates to Apple devices that are important for online gamblers to be aware of.

We intend to develop this section of our site into a valuable resource for online gamblers, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for new news and articles that are added. Advancements in the online gambling arena and computer technology are occurring more rapidly than ever, and this destination is where you'll be able to keep up with those advancements as they relate to Mac compatible online casinos.

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Important Safari Security Updates Recommended For All Mac Users - 05/12/2015

There is a major softare update for anyone who uses Safari web browser. The udpate focuses on major security issues that could place many mac users at risk if not addressed/updated immediately.

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