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New Safari Security Updates are Good News for Online Gamblers

Macintosh IconIf you are a Mac user who enjoys visiting online wagering websites such as casinos and sportsbooks, you may be happy to know that Apple recently announced significant upgrades to the Safari browser. The latest upgrades focus on major security issues that could place Mac users at risk, particularly those who bet on sports, play casino games, trade stocks, etc.

The security upgrades released by Apple on May 6th, 2015 are as follows:

  • Safari 8.0.6 for OS X Yosemite
  • Safari 7.1.6 for OS X Mavericks
  • Safari 6.2.6 for OS X Mountain Lion

The security issues addressed and patched by these upgrades are very significant. The three known vulnerabilities are related to the WebKit framework upon which Apple has developed its award-winning Web browser. According to research performed by Internet security analysts working for Apple, the vulnerabilities could be exploited by "black-hat" hackers and other cyber crime perpetrators who seek to either plant malicious code or steal information for nefarious purposes.

Corrupted Memory in WebKit

Most Mac users running OS X Yosemite may not have been aware of the memory issues surrounding WebKit and Safari. Skilled hackers may take advantage of these issues by creating websites that capitalize on memory corruption and execute malicious code; in this fashion, various invasive scripts such as key loggers and spyware apps may be executed. The Apple security upgrade improves the memory handling routines of Safari, thereby keeping users in case they run into malicious websites.

WebKit History Exploit

Apple security researchers discovered a potential WebKit issue, whereby Safari users who visit maliciously coded websites could allow remote access to their Mac's file system. This security issue was identified as being related to state management. This could have been a scary situation for Mac users who keep important information in personal that could be remotely accessed; for example; username and password combinations to access sportsbook websites, mac online casinos, banks, PayPal, etc. Apple has patched this issue by improving a Safari process known as state management.

Page Loading Issue on WebKit

This security fix by Apple is a direct response to an issue that has been exploited in various other Web browsers. The specific issue is an exploit that takes advantage of an attribute in anchor elements of WebKit. Let's say a Mac user is browsing a new sportsbook website and clicks on a link that looks interesting; instead of a new page loading, the user is presented with a message that urges him or her to call an 800 number or enter credit card information. What makes this exploit particularly dangerous is that it resembles an OS X interface, thereby making it look legitimate. Apple has repaired this issue improving adherence to specific link types.

Mac users can install the upgrades above by accessing the software updates menu from the App Store. Since this is a security fix, Mac user who are into online gambling, personal banking and stock trading should make this upgrade a priority.

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